Real estate listings in Tampa Florida, Gainesville Florida, and other vacation destinations for investment property hunters.  Luxury homes and condominiums in some of the most sought after destinations.

Other Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Here we have listings in Gainesville Florida selling condominiums walking distance to the University of Florida. Women's and Coed dorms, student housing, and apartments. Also North Carolina homes, Portugal Real Estate, and Costa Rica gated community

apartments in GainesvilleGainesville Apartments,
Gainesville apartments on campus and off campus rental apartments and dorms.

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Real Estate Tampa


real estate North Carolina mountainsWestern North Carolina Real Estate, Commercial and residential retreats in Bat Cave North Carolina, Chimney Rock North Carolina, and Cashiers North Carolina.

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Real Estate Tampa

costa rica mountain real estateCosta Rica REAL ESTATE - Costa Rica jungle habitat; bungalows; gated communities near Nosara with views of the Pacific Ocean.

Pages: Pacific Ocean view, Gated community, Gated development, Bocas de Nosara, Guanacaste, Beaches, jungle realestate,
Real Estate Tampa

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